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The academic circle of Liverpool attracts thousands of students every year, who travel sometimes from distant lands looking for a place in our academia. We welcome them with open arms and make sure we provide them with all the tools and the knowledge that they need to succeed in the academic world, and after that, in their jobs of choice and their positions of public service. This portal has been built as a fundamental resource for students and applicants to find lodging in the Liverpool area. 

If you want to find lodging in Liverpool then you are invited to join our community, where you will find important information, contact data and, what might be the most important thing of all, an already established network of future classmates and students who will provide support and guidance to all newcomers. Feel free to check the information that we provide, navigate our blog and visit our News & Events sections for information on events you can attend.

About the University Lodge of Liverpool

The Univeresity Lodge of Liverpool was created in 1972 as an NGO office with the support of the University of Liverpool. For over thirty years, we have functioned in Leicestershire as an entry gate for students who wanted to live in the Liverpool area while studying their degrees and their masters. Students and former students of local universities detected a problem with the lack of resources said students would be able to get when looking for a place where to stay while they pursued their studies. As a result, the University Lodge of Liverpool was created, as an attempt to fill up this void in the system.

We went online in the early 2000's and today we are a high traffic local portal where students from all over the world who want to travel to Leicestershire and find lodging can access useful information and connect with other students, in order to establish important social networks and support systems for their time at Liverpool. The mission of the University Lodge of Liverpool is to provide useful information and connect students with each other. We are always open to providing more information to those who need it.

Join our community

We have a number of online resources available for you to find out about the best options for student lodging in the Liverpool area. We have provided many ways of contact so you can ask us directly any question that you might have. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find our contact form. Feel free to use it as many times as you need to ask us any question or request for more information about local lodging and student conglomerations that you can join. 

There are currently hundreds of students in the Liverpool area that can share their experiences and their useful trivia that the have learned over years of staying in the area while studying their careers. Contact us today and let's get started!

Join our community and you will receive a weekly newsletter detailing the most recent News & Events on Liverpool lodging and academic circles. You can also read the free articles that are posted on this website.

If you want to become a contributor or if you want our help to promote your event, please send us a message and we will get back to you.

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